School Parliament

At King Charles School, the views and feelings of our pupils is important to us and one of the ways in which they can share these with the rest of the school and lead on some key aspects of school life is through our School Council and our School Parliament.


School Council

Our School Council consists of representatives from each class in our school from Year 1-5. These pupils are nominated and voted for by their peers and then attend regular meetings with Mrs Coles. This is an important part of the Council as pupils experience democracy first-hand.

At each meeting, there is a clear agenda and elected leaders of the council lead the meetings and take the minutes. The agenda can include items that members of staff want to share with the Council, and this can include ‘tasks’ where the Council members will seek out the views and opinions of their peers. Recent work in this area has included pupil views about purchasing of equipment and arrangements for lunchtime. This research was used to create a display and inform decisions about what’s working well and what might need to change. Another important part of School Council is linking to our community, so they will attend special events and represent our school, as well as fundraising to support many worthy causes.

With issues like this, our School Council have made a difference across our school and in our community and they work collaboratively with our School Parliament.


School Parliament

School Parliament consists of Year 6 pupils who are democratically elected to be:

Members of Parliament, who represent each area of learning; a Speaker of the House; Treasurer; Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister. Our School Parliament meets once a term and discusses and votes on the issues that pupils feel are important enough to promote real change in our school community. Pupil Voice is essential in these meetings, and every child gets to vote, from Reception to Year 6.