School Closure in Emergency

School Closure Information

Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control it might be necessary to close the school either in its entirity or in part.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the website will be updated on a daily basis. Parents and carers are asked to check announcements on PIRATE FM, HEART FM and BBC RADIO CORNWALL and the CORNWALL CLOSURES website.

School will remain open as long as it is safe to do so and the decision to close is not one that is taken lightly or rushed however we must take into consideration the safety of our whole school. At KC we have a lot of teachers who live outside of Falmouth and therefore travelling for them is an important factor to consider. With the time of year, our school will currently be putting in place measures to ensure that it can remain open, and also to ensure that it communicates with parents and carers about any necessary closures as soon as possible.

Updates to parents will be sent using the school website, FACEBOOK page, text alerts and local radio.

Please ensure you remain safe at all times and do not travel if weather conditions makes it unsafe to do so.
Please also see guidance from Cornwall Council in the PDF below.