Parental Feedback

Feedback From Our Parents

At King Charles we value communication and put great emphasis on ensuring that we communicate with parents and carers – listening to, and sharing with each other.
Your Feedback - Forms Survey
At the start of the Spring term, we asked for your feedback on some of the things we do here at KC including our newsletter, areas of our website and how our Governors share their work with you.
Thank you to everyone who completed the form - here's the summary of what you said and what we're doing based on your comments.
 End of Year Report Feedback
With each report we send home, we invite feedback from families.  This summer we were overwhelmed by the number of responses and the positivity of the comments.  Here's a flavour of the feedback from parents, carers and pupils.  It also includes some actions for us based on your questions and comments.  Thank you!

Coronavirus – Messages Of Thanks

We would never have thought that we would be navigating a global pandemic together! Just before, during and after the ‘closure’ of our school, we received so many messages of thanks, love and support from you – they meant the world to us! Thank you!
Click on the link below to see SOME SNIPPETS OF THE MESSAGES you sent in.

Spring Term 2020 Report Feedback

Once again, the feedback we received was all so positive! Thank you! The reports in the Spring Term were sent home at a time that we had planned to have a face-to-face meeting with parents as we know how much you value this. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we closed and were unable to meet parents but added personal comments to all reports and then made calls to all families where the report, as well as having a catch up, could be discussed.

Impact And Actions:
View the feedback we received and our subsequent actions in the link below:

Autumn Term 2019 Report Feedback

The feedback from parents was incredibly positive – thank you. It’s good to know that these concise, interim reports are useful. We appreciate the feedback you have given and have summarised in a downloadable document below.

Impact And Actions:

Click on the link below to see some of the feedback where you will see our actions based on your views.

Open Morning For Prospective Reception Parents

At the start of November, we opened our doors and welcomed parents of pupils who, in 2020, will be ready to start school. As always, we gathered feedback and the comments and views can be seen in the link below:
The feedback included comments including:

“I was really impressed by all of the children giving tours – they’re clearly engaged with and by your objectives. The school has a vibrant feel and everyone seems very happy here!”

“The Year 6 guides were fantastic – very thorough and enthusiastic about their school. We enjoyed seeing such busy, happy children in a well-resourced school.”

End Of Year Feedback

At the end of each year we invite your feedback on your child’s report and their year in general. Again, this year we are thrilled with your messages of thanks and pride – thank you!

Impact And Actions:

Click on the link below to view some of your comments that we have put together as well as some pointers for us based on your feedback.

Parent Questionnaire – Spring 2019

We are delighted to share the feedback received from parents and carers to our Parental Questionnaire during April 2019. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive enabling us to celebrate the work of the school but more importantly. use this feedback to continue to improve our provision.

Impact And Actions:

Click on the link below to view the summary. Thank you to everyone that completed a questionnaire – your feedback really does mean a lot!