Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The King Charles School Parent Teacher Association has been an integral part of the school community for many years. We work with parents, pupils and staff to promote, support and enhance the education of all pupils at our school.


We do this by raising funds that can be used to provide facilities, experiences or equipment for our children which will enhance their learning. A key part of our role is also to promote and maintain positive relationships with all members of the school community.


All parents, carers and staff at King Charles School are automatically members of the PTA and we welcome all contributions, big or small.


Everyone can get more involved whether that’s helping out at an event, donating prizes, contributing to cake bakes, coming up with ideas for fundraising or serving on the Trustee Committee. 


We hold regular meetings and an Annual General Meeting and ‘Pub Quiz’ which is open to all parents and carers.


In 2020/21 the Trustees are Elisabeth Watson(Chair), Francesca Benedetti (Secretary), Kate Pearson (Treasurer), Becky Light (Fundraising Manager), Jo Flowers (Communications Manager) and Lee Moscato (Headteacher).


So far, the PTA has raised a considerable amount of money which has benefitted the school in many ways including a new library, developing the school grounds and creating an outdoor classroom. In addition, there are annual contributions to each year group to enhance the pupils’ experiences and learning.


Below, you will find a link to our meeting minutes and also other information about our PTA.

Our main communication method is through Facebook ( but information is also shared through our own newsletters as well as the weekly newsletter from the school.  If you would like to talk to us and find out more, then please email or talk to any of the Trustees in the school playground.

Following all meetings involving our PTA, we publish minutes here which give all members of our school community the opportunity to see what’s been discussed, the ideas that were shared and what we’re planning to organise.

Dates of meetings are shared on the weekly newsletter  – feel free to come along –  the more the merrier!