Parent Forum

What Is The Parent Forum?

We live out our values of Teamwork and Friendship through our Parents' Forum which aims to build on what is already a strong relationship between the school and the parents of our pupils. Our new Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It aims to be a valuable way to share ideas, views, questions and work together to continue the development of the school.

The Aims Of The Parent Forum Are To:

· work together to improve the education provided for our children

· share information, knowledge and skills

· meet in a mutually supportive and respectful environment

· further improve communications between parents/carers and staff, governors and the wider community

We will meet each half term and the items to be discussed will be shared with our school community through this website page, our Newsletters and social media.

In our first meeting we agreed a ‘terms of reference’ which can be found below.

If you you have something you would like to share at a meeting, please make contact with the school through the office or e mail
Parent Forum Meeting 9 – **To Be Re-Scheduled When School Re-Opens Following COVID-19 Response**
Our next meeting is at the start of the Summer Term as the next half term is particularly short leaving little time to schedule a meeting without clashing with other school events. In the meantime, do make contact with us through the office if you have questions or concerns.
No minutes to show – 0 attendees – Meeting 5 (22/05/19)