Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At King Charles, well-being is at the heart of all teaching and learning. Our school ethos places the highest importance on recognising the development of the whole child and our strong pastoral care underpins this belief supporting our children to flourish. Our curriculum prepares children for the next stage of their education and to be 21st century world citizens.

We believe it is vital that pupils enjoy and are motivated by their learning and have the requisite skills to be successful learners with high aspirations. Through a range of contexts and approaches, including working collaboratively and providing opportunities for exploration, children are inspired to be creative, inquisitive, imaginative and independent. These approaches enable children to feel safe to try new things thus building confidence and resilience.

The National Curriculum is mapped out and delivered through our SHINE curriculum and assessed using a range of approaches including assessments at the point of learning, OTrack, subject specific assessments or tests.  We use the Chris Quigley Framework as a basis to ensure coverage, progression and depth of learning.
Our SHINE Curriculum

‘Start children off on the way they should go…’ Proverbs 22:6

The intent of our curriculum at King Charles Church of England Primary School is to enable everyone to SHINE. For us, to SHINE is seeing these core drivers in action which have been developed by members of our whole school family:

Spirituality – encouraging our pupils to reflect upon their learning and its impact on themselves and others
Hope – providing aspirational opportunities
Inspiring – providing a curriculum and experiences to engage and inspire learners
Nurture – caring and growing ourselves, others and God’s creation
Environment – developing an awareness of our local, national and international community
Curriculum Overview
The document below shows the overview of our curriculum.  Please click on any of images to find out more about that topic and how it feeds into all subjects.
If you require any further information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.
10 Things Our Children Will Do Before They Leave KC
Shaped by our whole school community, we have committed to ’10 things our children will do before they leave KC’:
Every child is challenged which results in good progress, whatever their starting point. Therefore, all children achieve and experience success. The National Curriculum is further enhanced through our fortnightly EX-DAYS where children experience new topics and explore, experiment and extend their learning in exciting ways.

Our school’s core values of achievement, aspiration, creativity, friendship and teamwork underpin our curriculum. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children and their understanding of British Values prepare them positively for life in modern Britain.

As a large primary school, we value living well together, getting to know each other and building relationships across the whole school. Just a few examples of this are: KCT Time where we vertically group children giving opportunities for all year groups to interact; Circle Time where class families work together; and extra-curricular activities which enhance the curriculum’s aim of ensuring physical and mental well-being.

Our outdoor environment, enrichment visits and the local community provide further opportunities for active learning for all our pupils. Our school grounds are being developed with the purpose of promoting opportunities for developing wisdom, knowledge and skills in different curriculum areas and to offer spaces for pupils to reflect spiritually.

Learning And Developing Skills And Knowledge

We have thought very carefully about the skills and knowledge that our children will learn, refine and deepen. This is evident in the way in which we talk about and present our learning.

Put simply, it’s important for us all to understand that we’re not ‘doing history’ or doing art’. We’re being historians and we’re being artists.

For example, being an historian involves key skills and attributes such as investigating the past, understanding chronology (the timeline of events), the effects of history on the world and being able to talk confidently about this using key vocabulary. We’re calling these ‘concepts – what it takes to be an historian. These concepts are then revisited, deepened and extended and pupils move through school.

Our curriculum is mapped out across our school. The topics for each year have a topic ‘big question‘, a topic overview for each year can be found on the curriculum map for each year (click on the links below). This gives more detail of the learning that this topic will cover.

Our curriculum map has some common themes such as our local environment and caring for ourselves, others and God’s creation throughout – evidence of our drivers in action.

Sharing our Learning with You

Through our weekly newsletters, our work as geographers, musicians, historians, artists or writers are shared so that it’s clear what we’re learning here in school. This is based on the information provided in the topic overviews in the table above.

We are going to start inviting you into school more often to come in and see your child shine – SHINE Time! (Something that our pupils are already enjoying here where they share their learning with a buddy).

We recently sent home the first of our new look curriculum newsletters. (These can be found in the table above) You’ll see here exactly what we mean about the skills and knowledge that we’re learning here as part of our SHINE Curriculum.

We still have topics – these are used to thread some key learning through a range of subjects. For example, our Year 3 pupils are historians learning about how the Romans have impacted on life today and then when they are writers producing some diaries as a Roman soldier and also being geographers when using mapping skills to learn where exactly the Roman Empire was.

For some topics, there might not be any history skills being learned. This might be when the topic if very scientific and skills such as predicting and explaining are being developed. Through mapping our curriculum carefully for each year group, we can ensure that all of the expectations of the National Curriculum and the aims of our SHINE curriculum are covered for all pupils.

In some areas, the skills as a scientist or a designer might not link directly to a topic. We will still learn skills here but as a more ‘standalone’ approach to ensure that the skills and knowledge continue to be developed.
Supporting Every Child
Across our whole curriculum, as our pupils are historians, artists etc, they are supported whatever their starting point and whatever their individual need to succeed.  Through personalised provision which can include specific resources, assistance from expert adults or a modified approach, our pupils are enabled to access all learning alongside their peers and truly SHINE

To find out more about what each subject looks like in action in our school, click the subject links below.
To find out how we are making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities and special educational needs, please click here to view the Equalities Statement, Accessibility Plan, Racial Equality Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy in the Key Policies section of our website.  Please also refer to the Inclusion section of the website where you can find an information report detailing how our school identifies, assesses, and makes provision for children with Special educational needs and disabilities.