Developing Our Provision

This year, with the support from our new Trust, we are going to be re-launching our nursery to ensure that it provides the very best provision to our local community.

Building The Right Foundation …

We know that access to a school-based nursery is the perfect launch pad for joining school and we see the impact of this in the way in which our nursery pupils learn and play with their school friends when they join reception.

Over the coming terms, we will be working with all stakeholders to gather views and ideas in order to ensure that we are providing the very best provision.

“Children in the Nursery and Reception classes receive exceptional-quality support and care from adults.” Ofsted

Our dynamic and creative curriculum is based around the seven areas of learning as outlined in the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. Children are at the centre of their own learning and each one of them is nurtured within a high quality environment; at King Charles children are given the opportunity to learn through play based activities both inside and outside.

“Pupils like coming to school, learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and responding to teaching with enthusiasm and enjoyment. They share their ideas thoughtfully in lessons. This enthusiasm starts early in the Nursery and Reception classes where children make outstanding progress. Expert organisation of the learning environment allows children to share their ideas and explore their understanding of the world.” Ofsted