King Charles School is proudly part of Kernow Learning. Within the Kernow Learning governance structure, King Charles School has a Local Advisory Board and their work feeds into the on-going work of the Kernow Learning Board of Trustees.  The Local Advisory Board meet half termly.

The 3 Core Functions Of Governance
Governance exists to provide strong strategic leadership to a school, ensuring accountability for its educational and financial performance.

The GOVERNANCE HANDBOOK assigns 3 core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent
Current King Charles School Governors:
Mrs Karen Bond (Chair)

Community Governor

Term of Office: 17/07/20 – 16/07/24

Responsibility – Safeguarding

Karen has been involved in school governance since 2009 when she was elected a parent governor at her children’s primary school. In 2016 she helped lead the School as their Chair of governors through conversion to academy status, where they, and six local primary schools formed Crofty Multi Academy Trust. From 2016–2018 she was their Chair of Trustees. During this time the Trust grew to a family of nine schools.

Karen was also a National Leader of Governance for four years, working with individual school and Multi Academy Trust Governing Boards, to support and improve their governance. During her time in this role in July 2019 Karen was appointed a Trustee of Falmouth Multi Academy Trust.

Karen is an Independent Member of the Fostering and Permanence Panel for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Family Placement Service.

Karen has a BA Hons Degree in Professional Practice in Education and is currently studying part time for a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She has previously worked in a primary school, which she feels helps greatly in understanding the challenges and opportunities which the school faces.

In her role as a governor at King Charles, and as part of Kernow Learning Multi Academy Trust, she is very much looking forward to supporting and challenging the school, to ensure each and every pupil has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mr Lee Moscato


Term of Office: from 01/02/2018

Lee has been the Headteacher at King Charles Primary School since February 2018. Lee has been working at King Charles for ten years altogether and has been class teacher, middle and senior leader and the head of school prior to this post.

Lee is passionate about ensuring the very best for everyone at King Charles and enabling everyone to shine!

As a Headteacher Governor, Lee reports to the Local Advisory Board on the progress the school is making in all areas of the School Improvement Plan and advise the Chair and other Governors on a range of matters in relation to the strategic development of the school.

Rev Sophie Chatten

Foundation Governor

Term of Office: 23/09/2020 – 22/09/2024

Responsibility: Christian Distinctiveness

Sophie is delighted to have been asked to be a Foundation Governor at King Charles School.

Falmouth is still quite new to Sophie, having only moved across from Guildford in early 2020. Sophie has recently been appointed as Lead Minister at New Street Church and Associate Priest at All Saints (Sophie also has some involvement at King Charles the Martyr Church too).

This is Sophie’s first opportunity to serve as a Governor and she looks forward to discovering more of school life and connecting with the other governors, parents, teachers and pupils in the coming months.

Mrs Rebecca Edgerley (Vice Chair)

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 23/06/2021 - 22/06/2025

Responsibility: Curriculum

Rebecca has been involved in education for most of her life; as a student, a volunteer, as an employee, and, now, as a parent of a child at King Charles School. For the last 10 years, she has worked in higher education in a number of different roles, ranging across student administration, quality assurance and enhancement, and, in her current role, as an Academic Developer for the University of Exeter. Rebecca lectures in learning and teaching practice, as well as supporting the continuing professional development of staff through accreditation with Advance HE. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and is a Fellow of Advance HE.

A strong element of Rebecca’s own education practice is helping colleagues to purposefully reflect on their teaching with an intention to recognise, share, and improve upon, good practice. She is also interested in creative writing, playful learning, and how to improve assessment and feedback literacy.

She is very much looking forward to taking up the role of Parent Governor and supporting the school’s community, whilst also learning from others and developing her own professional practice.

Dr Jennifer Young

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 23/06/2021 - 22/06/2025

Responsibility: Special Educational Needs

Jennifer has worked in higher education for eighteen years, predominantly teaching English and Creative Writing. Jennifer moved to Falmouth in January 2019 to take up the role of Head of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth University. Her daughter is a student at King Charles, and it was wonderful to join such a warm and inclusive school mid-year for both of them.

Jennifer has a doctorate in Creative Writing and is a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Through her work in higher education, she is very experienced in curriculum development, oversight and working for the best interests of students. As a parent, she is familiar with the other side of experiencing these measures. She is passionate about encouraging student writing, and she is a published author of a trilogy of historical thriller novels.

She has a particular passion for SEND provision. She has experienced the challenges and the joys of SEND provision, through personal experience as a parent at primary schools, through close friends’ children at secondary, and through her own work with students in higher education – often students who are only eighteen and learning how to navigate a new system of support and higher levels of independence.

Jennifer is thrilled to be working as a parent governor and supporting the King Charles community.

King Charles Local Advisory Board – Governor Impact Statement 2020/21

‘Where everyone shines’

‘Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glory your father in heaven’.(Matthew 5:6)


King Charles School made a successful transfer to Kernow Learning on 1st September 2020.


The Chair, Vice Chair and all Governors have undertaken Kernow Learning induction training. In addition to this, the Chair of Governors regularly takes part in the Kernow Learning Chair of Governors meetings. The Chair is a National Leader of Governance who is available to support other Chairs of Governors both locally and nationally. This benefits the Local Advisory Board (LAB) through the sharing of best practice.


Our school vision starts with our values, from which all else flows - Friendship, Creativity, Aspiration, Teamwork, and Achievement – creating an environment where everyone can shine. Our core values, along with the Church of England’s Vision for Education are at the heart of Governance at King Charles School.


This academic year has been incredibly challenging with a global pandemic which resulted in a second and third national lockdown in November 2020 and from January to March 2021.  As Governors, part of our role was to ensure that, whilst many children were learning remotely, the school was effectively safeguarding and educating children and staying connected with our families. We continue to adapt to the ever-changing challenges that COVID 19 brings.


This year, two Governors stood down and we successfully appointed two new parent Governors in the Summer term.


Working with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and school staff, we strive to contribute to our core responsibilities


  1.      Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2.      Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school.
  3.      Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The LAB have had 6 formal meetings this academic year and these feed into the Kernow Learning Governance structure.  We monitor key areas to triangulate information we receive at these meetings and to support the school improvement priorities.

We know our school well.  We listen to our stakeholders, Kernow Learning Trust, and external advisers, and feel secure that all statutory and legal requirements are met.


Priorities for 2020/2021

The LAB established the following priorities for the current year.  Working with the Kernow Learning Trust Board, the LAB will:


  • Support and challenge leaders to provide the absolute best educational experiences for the pupils who attend the school, ensuring that all statutory duties and responsibilities are met.
  • Hold leaders to account for the standards achieved and the broad and balanced curriculum provided for all pupils in all subjects (Including the assessment and support for catch up following the enforced closure of the school).
  • Continue to be part of the school improvement journey.
  • Ensure that the statutory responsibilities for safeguarding as laid out in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020 are met.
  • Work with school leaders to continue to raise the profile of the school within the community, working closely with all stakeholders in an open and transparent manner.
  • Place training and development of the LAB at the heart of our work, to ensure the board’s skills set is as extensive as possible.


The Chair of the LAB ensured that a Governance Action Plan was in place, following a full self-evaluation.  This, along with a clear Monitoring Plan, has steered the work of the LAB during the current academic year.


Strengths of the LAB:

  • The LAB have adapted to the current climate, holding Local Advisory Board meetings, training sessions, and school monitoring meetings via Teams to ensure statutory functions continue to be met.
  • The Chair of the LAB is an experienced Chair and National Leader of Governance, who has a proven track record of school improvement across a large number of educational settings.
  • The LAB has a strong Vice Chair of Governors, with previous experience of chairing a LAB.
  • The LAB is supported by a hardworking and talented clerk who ensures that documentation is of a high quality, readily available and filed appropriately.
  • Governors’ are highly committed to training and a full training record is maintained.
  • Responsibilities have been shared out according to experience and skills set, which includes safeguarding, standards, curriculum, Christian distinctiveness, remote learning, well-being, SEND and pupil premium pupils.
  • LAB meetings take place every half term and there is evidence in the minutes that the LAB holds school and Trust leaders to account for the performance of the school.
  • The LAB skills audit recognises that Governors have a strong base of relevant expertise and experience to be able to challenge within meetings and monitoring activities.
  • We have continued to provide feedback to the Trust board and value the support of the Trust’s senior leadership team during our LAB meetings.
  • Governors formally record their monitoring visits and clearly evidence the impact these have had.  The impact is also formally discussed at the LAB meetings.


Areas of Impact

  • Governors have provided ongoing feedback to the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) – providing praise for good practice, and raising potential areas for development when receiving the Headteacher’s termly report and undertaking Governor monitoring.
  • During this academic year, Governor questioning has become more incisive, because they fully understand the context of the school.
  • Following an external review of governance in November 2019, with a follow up monitoring visit in February 2020, the majority of our actions for further development have been met; and for those areas that need further development, our evaluation will inform our action plan for 2021-22.

We have had to be dynamic in our response because the pandemic has impacted the way in which we work.

  • Our experienced Safeguarding Governor works closely with the Designated Safeguarding Lead and team and undertakes extremely robust monitoring. This is recognised as best practice in both internal and external audits.
  • The LAB feeds into the Trust’s Ethos Committee, sharing the high quality Christian Distinctiveness monitoring that was recognised through the most recent ‘Excellent’ SIAMS inspection.  The areas for development from this inspection, continue to be reviewed.
  • The Chair of Governors attended the Head’s Annual Performance review and appraisal process which was conducted by Kernow Learning senior leadership.


Priorities for 2021/2022

  • Ensure that all monitoring links to areas within the School Improvement Plan for 2021/2022.
  • Ensure that the school continues to respond to the pandemic, with well-being at the forefront of all decisions. Remaining mindful of the added pressures on the school community.
  • Ensure that the Catch Up funding is spent in a targeted way and can show clear impact.
  • Support new Governors through induction and training.  A mentor has already been allocated to the new Parent Governors and they will lead on this.
  • Write termly newsletters to parents, raising the profile of Governance within the school community and ensuring regular, open and transparent communication.
  • Invite staff to LAB meetings to present information about areas of the curriculum which they lead, or projects in which they have been involved.


Our core values of Friendship, Creativity, Aspiration, Achievement and Teamwork thread through everything that everyone does which enables every member of our school family to flourish and shine.


Mrs Karen Bond
Chair of Governors

In 2020-21 there was 1 formal complaint received at King Charles C of E School
To make contact with our Governors, you can do so through the school office by calling 01326 313607.  Alternatively, you can e mail Mrs Claire Collins (Clerk to Local Advisory Board) on
Governors that have served in the last 12 months
Kate Venner de Cortez
Foundation Governor 
17.05.2019 - 09.03.2022
Gareth Harris
Staff Governor
12.06.2018 - 11.06.2022