Ex Days!


As part of our commitment to our core values of ‘creativity’, ‘friendship’ and ‘teamwork’ we are proud of this innovative way of delivering part of our curriculum. Every two weeks, pupils will experience activities in each year group from Years 1 through to 6 in this exciting way – Ex- days!

These fortnightly activity days are a creative way of enabling our children to experience their studies in a really active and dynamic way; they experience extra special activities to enrich and enhance their curriculum.

We have named these ‘ex days’ as their focus can be on any of the following ….. expeditions, exercise, exciting adventures, expressive arts, experiential learning, exploring the wider world, becoming an expert, carrying out experiments, or extending existing studies, skills and interests.

Our ex team, who carefully plan and prepare these days have really enjoy delivering these activities across the school and we all love the feedback from our pupils and parents. Each year, feedback from our pupils informs our next sequences of learning and some highlights of the coming year are shown below.

Click on the link to find out more about our intent, how we implement our ex-day learning and the impact of these on our pupils and school.
Some Of The Topics We Will Explore This Year Will Be: